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Craig Family

Hi, my name is Craig Crawford. If you don't already know me, I'm an online marketer who's generated over $3,150.00.00 in online sales in just over 3 years. However, it hasn't always been this way. Back in 2004, I worked in the flooring trade with a steady monthly salary. In 2010 the company ran into financial difficulties and was forced to lay off most of its staff. Unfortunately for me, I was included.

So there I was without a job, with bills to pay and a family to support. I decided that I didn't want to find myself in that situation again so instead of searching for the usual 9-5 job I decided to try and put my skill set to use and build my own company.

I spent many sleepless nights writing down ideas and searching the internet for opportunities. Just like you probably have, I stumbled upon all types of sites offering me get rich quick schemes and the promise of riches overnight. Yeah, right! From Multi-Level Marketing, to High Yield Investment Programs, Trading systems, to selling all types of useless products. You name it, I researched it. Finally, I came across something, that showed promise and that came up repeatedly as the most promising way to create an income. . .

Online Advertising! In 2016, companies spent over $60 billion advertising online and this figure is expected to increase substantially year-on-year until 2020. What I discovered was that companies worldwide were desperately searching for people to advertise their products online, and in return for you sending a customer to their website they’ll pay you a commission on every sale made. It’s as simple as that!

My Online Advertising empire grew quickly and I found a proven method for generating online leads and profits from advertising, so I employed a team to help me develop tools and software to help me automate the whole process.

Now for the first time ever not only going to reveal my proven method for generating leads and revenue, I’m going to sell licenses to my powerful Social Software, that is allowing me to automate the whole process.

Whether you’re new to online marketing, you have an online business or you want to become a super affiliate, this proven method and cutting edge software can help you.

The Proven Method:

The SSS Flow

Facebook is my #1 Advertising Platform and Here's Why:

Based on, the world’s largest social network continues to grow. Per its latest earnings release, Facebook currently has 1.78 billion monthly active users. That is nearly one quarter of the world population and roughly 50 percent of all internet users across the globe and the proportion of Facebook’s users who log on every single day. In the most recently reported year 2016, the social network generated $26.89 billion U.S. in ad revenues.


Social Sales System

Our Brand New Software And Methodology Has One Goal In Mind...To Help You Create Laser Focused Sales Funnels In Facebook.

With Social Sales System, you can create killer Facebook sales funnels that convert, in 3 simple steps:

  1. Log In.
  2. Integrate Your Autoresponder.
  3. Integrate Facebook.

That's it, you're done.

We're giving you the keys to what is possibly the world's most effective automated sales technology:

  • Collect high quality leads at shockingly low prices
  • Social Sales System does all the hard work of selling to them
  • Adds a very clever twist that can explode your sales AND free up your time
  • And it's all TOTALLY automated
Step By Step

Real People . . . Real Results

Over the last few months we've been running 2 live case studies with Social Sales System . . .

Case Study 1: Drone Pilot Flight School

Case Study 1: Drone Pilot Flight School

Our very first beta testers of this unbelievably simple Facebook software app, built a huge targeted list of 8,028 pre-qualified leads AND generated a HUGE profit of $71,038.88 . . . in just 6 weeks of using this brand new system.

And don’t forget that huge email list of 8,028 pre-qualified leads, can be profited from again and again for even more profits!

Case Study 2: Laundry Moms

Case Study 2: Laundry Moms

Another business called “Laundry Moms” generated 8329 targeted leads in just 4 weeks, at a cost of $0.34 per lead, using a simple recipe book as a lead magnet.

That’s a huge difference from their previous attempt, which cost $2.80 per lead using Facebook and “Old Style” landing pages. And that was after split testing and optimizing.

Put Your Marketing Profits On Steroids

What I'm About To Reveal To You Can Put Your Marketing Profits On Steroids.

It doesn't matter if you’re an affiliate, lone entrepreneur, run a small business or work for an agency collecting leads for your clients.

We're virtually giving you the keys to what’s possibly the World's most effective automated sales technology. Which collects your leads for you (High quality leads at shockingly low prices) then does all the hard work of selling them . . . with a very clever twist that can explode your sales AND free up your time.

All TOTALLY automated.

Let me explain...

Up to now the fastest and easiest way to make good, steady, profit online, has been to build up a list of email subscribers…using a good, reliable, method like product creation, PPC, SEO or You Tube . . . or try your luck with one of the recent Facebook software apps, then marketing to your new leads using email.

So you need to be building your list at the best price and then grab their attention with both email marketing and fb ads combined, nurturing them straight to your sales offers . . .

Then automate it!

But the options available to you to do this so far have been disappointing to say the least. Expensive and complicated software that you have to master. Jumbling several applications to get them to work together. Paying out painful and extortionate fees every single month.

Social Sales System Is New And Different . . .

8 Reasons Why Social Sales System Has Re-Invented Facebook Leads And Profitable Subscriber Lists


This is an ALL in ONE Software app.

In the past you would need at least two confusing apps and they were expensive monthly subscriptions.


It'll collect your subscribers for you.

Then it adds them to your autoresponder lists - then create a custom audience that exposes them to your targeted ads - automatically. 24/7.


The nurture campaigns are provided using fill in the blank email templates with ads.

No more wondering what ads to show or to write in your emails to get a good response and lower unsubscribes.


Once a prospect buys your offer they are seamlessly put on to a new buyers email list.

Custom audience to start the process again and upsell them. Whilst you relax and work on what matters.


You also get an 8 part video training thrown in for free.

This was a paid upgrade on the other software apps on the market - it ensures you get up to speed and profiting in minimum time.


It's cloud based and works completely in the background.

You just login, flip a couple of switches and you're done.


You can set it to "drip feed" your emails AND ads.

So they are totally exposed to your highly focused messages. Couldn't be easier.


All this works for you in the background messages.

Make FB Lead ads, email marketing and Custom audiences laser targeted and totally automated.

All The Training You Need To Make The Most Of Social Sales System Is Included

We've included 8 simple training videos to get you profiting as fast as possible.

This highly specialized, intensive training will show you how to fully implement the software to get the most out of every campaign you run! ($49.00 value)

Here's what you get with The Social Sales System training videos:

Video 1 - Overview

Video 1 - Overview

Video 1 Welcomes you to the Social Sales System Family. It quickly and easily walks with you on your Facebook Marketing Journey to show you how to confidently use the system and quell any fears you may have. (This ensures you get a good understanding of the system and how to profit as quickly as possible).

Video 2 - Identify Your Customer

Video 2 - How to Identify your target customer

This section walks you through identifying your target customer. (You must feel confident you're getting the right sales message to the right person so you can deliver value... then watch the money follow).

Video 3 - Creating A Lead Magnet

Video 3 - Creating a lead magnet

Choosing the right offer is one of the most important parts of the Facebook Sales Funnel processes. This training ensures your lead magnet is ultra specific and speaks to your target audience. (This “No Brainer” offer will build your list and lure leads to your opt-in form like hungry dogs to a 5 star steakhouse ready to become life long customers).

Video 4 - Capturing Leads

Video 4 - Capturing Leads

Whether you want to encourage people to sign up for your newsletter, an offer, an event or more information about their product, lead ads simplify the sign-up process, helping businesses hear from people interested in their business. (The “ready filled” form fields of FB lead ads means you don't have the anxiety of false email addresses or people leaving as they cant be bothered to fill in the form – more sign-ups means more profits).

Video 5 - Facebook Lead Ad Setup

Video 5 - Facebook Lead Ad Setup

Creating lead ads is easy. Simply choose your ad creative, set your targeting and bidding type and then customize your form fields. (This video makes it “Super-Simple” to get your lead ads up and running -then watch the cash roll in).

Video 6 - Nurture Campaign

Video 6 - Nurture Campaign

Expecting prospects to purchase your product without first building rapport is the biggest mistake online businesses make. In order to build trust and a relationship with your prospects & turn them into a customer, you will need to NURTURE. (This video makes building trust with your new subscribers so they want to buy your products a breeze meaning more profits – and a 6 figure business - faster).

Video 7 - Upsell and Referral

Video 7 - Upsell and Referral

The truth is, it is easier and less expensive to sell an existing customer more than to acquire a new sale. Once a customer says YES, showing them a complimentary product will usually result in increased revenue. (This is where the Multi-million-Dollar funnel process begins – sit back, relax and watch the “Magic” begin).

Video 8 - Facebook Lead Ads - Custom Audience Sync

Video 8 - Facebook Lead Ads - Custom Audience Sync

Automatically Create Facebook Custom Audiences to display targeted ads to your new leads. Works with your existing autoresponder or marketing system. (Feel safe knowing that your marketing follows the 81% of the top 20 most successful businesses and combines FFB ads with targeted emails... all in the background – bringing in money whilst you sleep).

As you've probably noticed by now, the Social Sales System is by far the easiest and most powerful Facebook Ads / email Marketing System available today. That gives YOU the freedom to turn your failing email campaigns into funnels of cold hard cash.

Don't Take Our Word For It. Here's What Our Users Are Saying About Social Sales System

Using the SSS lead ad sync we were able to generate $.34 leads into the same sales funnel. The on-the-go moms really likes the easy access from the Facebook Lead Ads and was able to access the menu plans within a few seconds of signing up.

Laundry Moms

I've used the social sales system to gather leads for my photography business.I've tried the traditional methods of generating traffic from Facebook and sales. It did little to no good for me.. I was spending way way too much money and getting very little in return.. I didn't even really know what I was doing. I was left confused and out of pocket! The social sales system brought me some custom and a new set of customers to buy my products and services. I've seen sales and my list grow, I couldn't be happier.

Amanda P

I buy traffic for my online ventures to build a list and make money selling offline and online products. If I had to describe this product in only one word. it would be "EPIC". I've been getting targeted LEADS and SALES for as low as $0.30 cents per EACH and below! I suggest you take action on this right now.. You won't want to miss out! Huge Thanks The Social Sales System Team!

Adam Newton

Over the last few weeks, SSS grew our list with 1287 leads from Facebook, at $.27 each. The email templates made it simple to create email follow up in our MailChimp account! Thanks SSS.

Jake Estraftion

I have been using Social Sales system for several weeks now. Since implementing it, we have seen a 25% increase in optin rate while the cost of a lead went from $5.34 to $1.67. I am loving the system and the results! Great work!

Evan Samurin

Fast Track Your FB Marketing

Fast Track YOUR FB Marketing Results And Start Boosting Your Email Profits Immediately For Pennies

The Social Sales System is currently on the market for $1497.00

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And that’s why I’m going to offer you a crazy deal today.

Because of this... I am prepared to offer “Review access” to just a few lucky individuals from my own, and a few trusted friend’s email lists.

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And I’ve backed up everything I promised with a 100% money-back guarantee.

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Social Sales System

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